February 17, 2010

Imbalances in Wealth

The problem of the rich having too much and the poor having too little is daily discussion for many in politics. Many think this is an injustice and as such, as God is the divine controller of all things, reflects on God’s injustice or carelessness. Like many of the concerns those who judge God have – why does He allow bad things to happen at all? In this case, God addresses what the rich and poor should be doing as believers in His kingdom.
To the rich, he tells them to give to help those that are poor; and to the poor, he tells them to receive so no one will have too little and no one have too much. Naturally this relieves the two problems of over and under abundance. It makes sense as members of the body of Christ that if one area of the body was receiving too little blood flow that an area that receives much may curtail the use so that some may reach the appendages. Giving and receiving is an encouragement of our faith and a recognition that God is providing.
Many who are rich say to themselves, “look at all I have” as opposed to honoring God and saying, “look at all I have the opportunity to share and provide for others.” God provides for the rich and poor alike and both should be in the business of using that wealth to build the kingdom of God. Now let me encourage you to be like the Macedonians and excel in the grace of giving where the rewards are eternal and the blessings are practical.


  1. Love the image of blood flow in the body of Christ. Any thoughts on how we deal with the needs in the global body of Christ?

    For example, I personally know kids in Burkina Faso who just now are getting the absolute basics in terms of having their needs met yet I live here in the US in abundance.

    Is the call to meet needs within the local church? Or needs in the global Church? Or both? Or something in between?

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Chris. I like how you covered all the possible answers in your last paragraph (:

    I believe the call is to meet the needs of the entire church, both local and global. While initially that sounds and seems overwhelming if not impossible, I believe God makes it possible. God gave us the illustration of the human body for a reason and no where that I have found does Jesus or Paul ever narrow down the perspective of who is our neighbor or who or what constitutes the body of Christ for us to consider some portion as ineligible.

    If each cell in the body were to care for the cell bordering it then that is one possibility (I think of Acts, selling all they had to provide for others and what seems like the constant flow of money from one location to another). Another is where entire groups of cells, organs or tissues collectively contribute to the growth or healing of another area in the body (responses to disasters like that in Haiti, Burma, or even New Orleans).

    The entrepreneurship of the body of Christ is a testament to the working of parts of the body to heal and restore other parts. God calls groups and individuals to do certain tasks and achieve certain goals. Often there is not a fully equipped organization behind it, just one or few people feeling led by the Spirit to care for others. Perhaps God put the children in Burkina Faso on your heart for a reason. It is very possible. Why not the former Soviet Union, Zimbabwe, Uruguay, Georgia (the country or state), or even Mathews county? Ultimately, we should take great comfort in this - that God will meet all of our needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19).

    The beautiful part is that sometimes God puts it on the heart of His own to meet those needs. Consider how you may be a part but do not worry- God's got His people. Instead, ask God how He would like to use you to meet those needs and in what ways are you one of His people. He could call you to do something crazy and amazing or normal and amazing. Either way, Lord willing, be joyfully obedient.